Incorporating Intuitive Eating Into Weight Loss Plans

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In our diet culture and ideals of body type, weight loss is often seen as an aesthetic intervention rather than a means of attaining health. This approach to weight loss can often be discouraging and make people feel alienated. Instead of considering your weight loss diet plan as a restriction on yourself, it’s more effective to think of it in constructive terms. 

This technique is known as intuitive eating, which focuses more on your body’s needs rather than pre-packaged diet ideals that may not work for you. This article is a brisk guide to eating intuitively during weight loss.

  1. Identity The Satisfaction Factor

Identifying the satisfaction factor means recognizing that all food nourishes the body in some way or another. As long as your body is compatible with a certain food, it is nutritious. Remembering this can help prevent food aversions and help you eat healthier.

  1. Listen To Your Cravings

Suppose you are really craving a certain food item right now. Instead of holding off for later, it’s better to listen to that craving and eat it right now. While this seems counter-intuitive, it can help prevent the detrimental effects of binge eating later in the day, which causes more weight gain than eating one snack right now.

  1. Find Fun Physical Activities

Activities that boost your serotonin can help you lose weight by reducing stress immensely. Exercising and engaging in fun physical activities improves mood and mental health, leading to better food choices.

At Bettr My Health, we believe in making holistic choices to curate a weight loss diet plan that suits your body. Find a diet to meet your body’s new needs that lets you enjoy food and life to the fullest!

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