Does Milk Tea or Tea in General Cause Bloating?

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Tea is the first beverage that most of us start our day with. Some people have often complained of feeling bloated after drinking tea.

Bloating is a sensation of fullness or swelling in the abdomen that result in discomfort or pain. If you experience bloating after consumption of milk tea or tea in general then you should give this a read.

The probable reasons of you experiencing bloating after consumption of tea –

1. Milk – The primary ingredient of tea is milk, and addition of milk introduces lactose in our body. Most of us are often unaware of being lactose intolerant this could be one of the reasons for your feeling bloated.

2. Caffeine – An ingredient that is often found in tea could be causing you bloating. Caffeine has a direct impact on your digestive system that may lead to various digestive issues including bloating and gases.

No, we aren’t asking you to stop consuming tea but here are a few things that you need to know that will help you with bloating –

1. Experimenting with Teas – It’s important to find what tea or rather which type of tea suits the best for you, a little trial and error here can help you discover your tea!

2. Quantity or Portion control – Anything when consumed in excess will have its harmful effects, it’s important for you to monitor your tea intake to avoid being bloated.

3. Try Lactose free options – If Lactose is the reason for you to feel bloated, then switching to dairy free options is essential.

4. Stay Hydrated– Water is the first medication for bloating, having enough water throughout the day can aid to your bloating issues.

5. Avoid having tea on an empty stomach, this might not just cause bloating but also lead to acid reflux.

By being mindful of the type and quantity of tea you consume, and making a few adjustments, you can continue to savor this delightful drink without the unpleasant side effect of bloating.

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