Food Or Fad? Debunking Myths Around Nutrition

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Due to social media and rising awareness of fitness and health, conversations around nutrition have diversified immensely. With increasing concerns about food sourcing, calorie count, and absorption abilities geared towards different eating cultures, there’s a lot of information floating around on nutrition. However, not all of them might be true. An online nutritionist consultation is a great way to find what food items and diets suit your body’s unique needs.

Meanwhile, let’s debunk some popular nutrition myths to empower your diet and eating choices.

1. Gluten-Free Is Better

There has been a rise in gluten aversion on social media. However, gluten-free is only healthy if you are allergic or cannot digest gluten. Otherwise, whole wheat with gluten is a great vitamin B and fibre source.

2. Brown Sugar Is More Nutritious Than White

Brown sugar is simply white sugar with the molasses lost during refining added back. However, this doesn’t necessarily make it any healthier. After all, all sugar is sugar. Eat as much as your body can healthily digest, and you’re good!

3. No-Carb Diets For Losing Weight

This is one of the oldest myths in the nutrition book. If you love carbs, good news! You don’t have to stop eating them to lose weight. Healthy Weight Loss is personalized and balanced. Cutting off an entire food group can do more harm to your body than good.

Did the above list debunk any food myths you had? If yes, an online nutritionist consultation can do much more! Check out Bettr My Health Plans for some of the best-trained nutritionists to guide you in your healthy eating journey!

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