Demystifying Myths About Postpartum Weight Loss

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Postpartum weight gain is your body’s way of readjusting to the new life it has birthed. This newly gained “baby weight” is inevitable because it plays a vital role in supporting you and your infant’s health during gestation and delivery. However, Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss can be extremely stressful, especially when your body is still recovering from the birth.

That’s why it is important to pursue healthy and phased-out weight loss methods and avoid drastic means that can severely impact you and your newborn’s health. Here are some myths about postpartum weight loss to prevent you from going down the wrong rabbit hole.

1. All Weight Gained During Pregnancy Is Fat That Needs To Be Shed

During pregnancy, you carry not only your weight but also that of the baby, the placenta, amniotic fluid, retained water, and higher blood volume. It takes time for the body to naturally shed these excesses after pregnancy that are independent of diet. 

2. Intensive Exercise After Pregnancy Can Help You Lose Weight

Childbirth is extremely hard on the body. Intensive exercise after delivery can slow your body’s recovery and cause injuries, hence setting you back on your health.

3. Breastfeeding Causes Weight Loss

While breastfeeding burns calories, not all women experience the same hormonal supply and lactation. This makes breastfeeding an uneven measure of postpartum weight loss.
Post-pregnancy weight loss can be extremely stressful when it’s misguided and not based on your body’s unique composition. The team of qualified nutritionists at Bettr My Health understands these pitfalls and is well-equipped to guide you with the utmost safety. Contact the team for consultations today!

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